Skittles Vodka DIY Wedding Favors Tutorial

skittles vodka recipe

Skittles Vodka DIY Wedding Favors

Whoever the genius was that combined Skittles with vodka many years back created an epic concoction that provides the perfect solution to a colorful and alcoholic wedding favor. While many of us have had more than our fair share of this insanely delicious mixture already (scary how easy Skittles vodka is to drink isn’t it?), the vibrant colors, simple recipe, and sheer tastiness of skittles vodka just begs it to be used in a wedding.

The great thing about Skittles vodka, other than it being so intoxicatingly good, is that you can literally make it to suit any color scheme you want! Have a purple and blue wedding? No problem! Want your rainbow themed wedding to show in your drinks? Skittles can do that! No longer do you have to limit yourself to the original pack of Skittles colors (which has yellow, green, red, purple, and orange), now you have a wide range of different variants to choose from so knock yourself out!

Skittles Vodka Recipe

Before you begin putting the alcohol in your individual containers, you must first skittilize it! This involves going out and buying lots, and yes I mean LOTS, of Skittles. We’ve found that if you’re preparing large amounts of vodka, it is best to go with the original pack of Skittles because you can get family sized packs which save you money and give you a heck of a lot more candies in them.

What you need

  • 1 large bag of skittles per bottle of vodka
  • 750 ml bottles of decent quality vodka (try Svedka, Pinnacle, Sky, or Absolut)
  • mesh strainer
  • pitcher or jug

How to make Skittles vodka

  1. Open up all your bags of Skittles and separate them by color
  2. Decide what colors you are going to use and put them in bowls
  3. Open up your bottles of vodka and pour out around 2.5 inches into a spare container
  4. Put around a handful of skittles in each bottle, make it enough to displace the vodka you poured out
  5. Let the bottles sit with the skittles in them for around 8-12 hours, shaking every few hours to stir everything up
  6. Put the mesh strainer over the empty jug or pitcher
  7. Open up your first bottle of vodka with skittles in it and begin to slowly pour, letting the jug catch the brightly colored vodka and the strainer contain all of the white Skittles remainders
  8. Pour the now strained and smooth Skittles vodka into your empty vodka bottle and cap it
  9. Rinse the jug and repeat with each bottle until all is strained
  10. Drink up and enjoy!
skittles vodka wedding favors

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DIY Skittles Wedding Favors

Once you’ve got your freshly prepared Skittles vodka all separated by color and ready for drink- I mean pouring, its time to get out your containers. Most couples choose to get little vials with corks in them, however there are a number of plastic and glass containers available for you to buy. You do want to stick with something clear so that your guests can appreciate the vibrancy of the colored liquid within and so that the colors can help reflect your wedding theme!

Make sure that you buy a few extra bottles for your guests in case things get lost, broken, or you simply want a few extras yourself 😉 Additionally, hold back a little bit of the Skittles vodka because you want to always be prepared for anything obscure happening on your wedding day and you need many hours to make Skittles vodka so a last minute rush wouldn’t be able to fix any mishaps!

– Optional bottle garnish – 

Many couples adopt a Mad Hatter tea party theme for their wedding and use the Skittles vodka favors as an excellent way to incorporate the shrinking and enlarging potions that Alice drank. Check out these cleaver ways to add tags to your newly created Skittles wedding favors!

Skittles vodka wedding favors


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  1. Joanna A. says:

    Oh goodness skittles vodka as a wedding favor?! How amazing!

    I love the idea but I’m a bit worried about the fact that you may need to get permission to serve alcohol if you give these out? Would it be an issue if the place you’re at doesn’t have a liquor license or how does that work?

  2. Mairae Hart says:

    Joanna I think if you’re not selling the alcohol and just giving it out as wedding favors at the end of your wedding then it shouldn’t be a problem at all! Though each stay may have different laws so if you’re doing some alcoholic wedding favors you should double check with your venue before anything!

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