Soap Wedding Favors – Ideas & DIY Guide

Soap Wedding Favors

Soap wedding favors are a fantastic option for those looking for a themed wedding favor that is economical, simple, and incredibly beautiful. Each soap wedding favor can be individually personalized for the guests, or they can be mass produced for a quick and efficient wedding favor that takes as little time as possible. Whatever you decide to do, be it make your own soap wedding favors or buy some from a company, your guests will absolutely love the thoughtful soap wedding favors because they are dead useful!

Continue reading below to get some great ideas on where to buy soap wedding favors, what styles soap wedding favors can come in, and even learn how to make your own!

Soap Wedding Favor Ideas

Buy Soap Wedding Favors Online

Buy these wedding favors bulk from online stores such as Amazon:

Or you can have them custom made like on Etsy:  Shop soap wedding favors here

DIY Soap Wedding Favors

Interested in making your own wedding favors? Homemade favors have massive benefits including:

  • Personalized scents
  • Affordable option
  • Unique design

DIY Soap Making Guide


For our soap making guide we’ve got three different flavor options. There are thousands of other possibilities, so if you are truly interested you can have a blast experimenting with various scents and ingredient combinations to make your own personal handmade soap!

  • Lavender Oatmeal – Use fresh lavender along with lavender oil and oats
  • Chai Tea – Steep the tea for some great color and use some loose tea leaves for texture
  • Chamomile Calendula – Fabulous dried chamomile along with calendula for a relaxing and soothing mix


DIY Soap Instructions

soap wedding favors

1. Take your soap base and melt it over medium heat
2. Add in all of your seasonings, flowers, oils, and essentials
3. Mix it completely so everything is completely distributed
4. Take the liquid soap mix off the burner and pour it into your molds
5. Let cool overnight then take out, wrap, and give to guests!

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  1. Chang Terinoni says:

    ooh I’ve made a similar oatmeal soap before and it turned out absolutely lovely! The next recipe I plan on trying is a grapefruit mint poppyseed one I found online! You zest half of a grapefruit, use goats milk soap base, add in some poppy seeds, and some mint oil and grapefruit oil! I’ve read a lot of good reviews so I’m hoping it turns out great!

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