Swarovski Crystal VS Rhinestone Wedding Accessories

Swarovski crystal headband

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Swarovski Crystal VS Rhinestone

With tight wedding budgets, it can be hard for a bride-to-be to find the perfect wedding accessories for her big day. Wedding accessories often come in a range of prices and styles, making it so easy for any frugal bride to pick cheaper options because they’re just going to be worn one day right? Unfortunately the differences between cheap jewelry and more expensive options goes far beyond just the price as many brides find out the hard way.

I’ve spent the past ten plus years designing jewelry and wedding accessories for brides. I’ve used so many types of materials and stones that I’ve become acutely aware of the vast differences in quality – especially between rhinestones and Swarovski crystals. Because of their vast differences in quality and design, I’ve chosen only to use the highest quality Swarovski crystals for my creations – and my customers could not be happier!

Problems With Rhinestone Wedding Accessories


actual rhinestones on ribbon

Rhinestones are essentially a piece of glass with a foil back on them. They are cheap, easy to rip off of their foil backing, and not nearly as reflective as Swarovski crystals. Unfortunately, the biggest problem that you will have with rhinestones is that even if you get the clear ones, they show up dark in photos.

If you take a look at the photo on the right you’ll see that around 80% of the rhinestones on that cake are dark and not reflecting light. That’s not edible rhinestones – those are rhinestones on a piece of ribbon and it gives you a good idea about what rhinestones do when photographed or put under lights.

The photos you see of rhinestone wedding accessories are touched up, in very special lighting conditions, and will not be the same quality as they will be on the day of your wedding. If you have got a lot of rhinestones on your necklace, earrings, bracelet, or even on your sash around your dress, then it’s going to show up as a lot of dark spots instead of the beautiful sparkles you so desire.

I’ve been to many bridal shows and fairs where I have had the pleasure of speaking with many talented wedding photographers about accessories, past shoots, and more. One of the biggest problems that photographers run into is when brides purchase low quality rhinestone jewelry because it comes up as dark on photos. Fixing these issues is near impossible and brides find out the hard way that their frugal shopping has left them with lower quality wedding photos that can never be changed.

Why Swarovski Crystal Accessories are Worth Every Penny

swarvoski crystal wedding cake

actual Swarovski crystals

You may have a tight budget, but if you want your wedding day photos to look flawless so you can cherish them forever, then paying a few extra bucks on some Swarovski crystal accessories is definitely the way to go. As you can see from the cake on the right, the ribbon decorating the cake and the monogram on the top is made with Swarvoski crystals which are significantly higher quality than the rhinestone ribbon seen in the previous photo. Not a single dark crystal is shown and there is so much brilliance and shine it makes the entire cake look absolutely fabulous!

Swarovski crystals are much higher quality crystals that have lead backing and an amazing ability to refract the light with the highest intensity. These crystals are chosen because their molecules are actually arranged in a very distinct geometric way which helps aid in the refraction of light. The density of these crystals and their lead backing also aids in their durability – meaning that one accidental hit won’t knock loose an abundance of stones from your jewelry. Additionally, you can get Swarovski crystals in a myriad of colors without one of them appearing dark or dull in your wedding day photos.

As you can see in the photos beside and below, Swarovski crystals are absolutely stunning and show up with the incredible brilliance in any amount of light. Not once will they be dark in your photos meaning you can have the wedding of your dreams and look back on it without regrets through your photos!

Swarovski Crystal Wedding Accessories

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  1. Colette says:

    Wow such a massive difference between swarovski and rhinestones….I really never knew that the rhinestones turned up dull in photos because they all seem soo sparkly in the seller photos! Guess I’d better shell out another $50 for a more expensive tiara!

  2. Andrea Frankfurter says:

    I never realised the difference between the two either! I always thought that swarovski crystals were just labeled with a fancier name to get women to pay more lol!

    Though I have to say I absolutely adore that necklace on the bottom right of this post! Where can I get it?

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