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What To Do With Your Dog When You’re Attending A Wedding

You just got invited to a wedding. It is flattering and exciting. Because of that, you would want to get ready for it ahead of time and will definitely schedule appointments because of it. 

But then, you also had a green light to bring your dog along. It is exciting in a way, but you will certainly have the responsibility for that. If you are indeed thinking of taking your dog along in the celebration, here some things you should do and keep in mind:

1. Know About the Venue

There is a big chance that the venue allows animals if you have the go signal. But even if that is the case, you still familiarize yourself with it. For one, the situation is unpredictable. You will not know if your dog would need to attain their business. You should know if the venue has a place for that. You should also check if it is a place good enough for them to play around or not cause any accidents.

2. Always Be Alert

To have your dog with you should have you to be always aware. You may not be the only one who will bring your dog, other guests might also. Because of that, you should watch out for them. You may know your dog well, but not the others. Just make sure that they will not be aggressive with one another. Another thing to keep track of is the place itself. As mentioned above, it should be somewhere they can play around. But you should still watch out so that they will not ruin anything.

3. Consider Other Guests

Not all guests are fine with dogs. Some of them might be allergic or not too fond of them. Because of that, you will have to watch out your dog to not be too excited with other people. Others may take offense with it. Remember, it is a wedding and should be a special day, so be considerate and do not let your dog ruin it for others.

4. Ready Treats and Water

Dogs will need plenty to drink. They will also need something to eat once in a while or they might get agitated. Because of that, you will have to make sure that you prepare treats and water for them. It will also come in handy for them to behave. You can talk to the coordinators about this also. That is to place some water stations for the dogs around.

5. Leave Them at Home

If anything is not according to plans and think it will be more of a hassle, you can just decide to leave them at home. Remember that the day is not really about you, but for the couple who will wed. That means it is their life to celebrate. You can celebrate many other occasions with your dog without any hassle, and there will surely be a lot of those in the future. What is important is you will get to enjoy every moment of it yourself.