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How To Control Your Dog’s Diet So That They Can Look Their Best

Dogs are family, and their well-being should be the priority of their owner. Not just to play with them, or pet then, if you are a dog owner, you must take care of their diet. When you maintain their food habit, they will not be over or underfed.

Most dogs tend to get overweight just because their owners think they don’t get proper exercise. However, physical training is important but with that just like humans, dogs need a good diet to stay fit and look good. So, here check out the tips in this article.


If your dog is gaining weight, you need to feed them more protein than carbohydrates. Dogs thrive on high-protein which helps them build lean muscle. Also, they don’t need carbohydrates at all. You can give them low carbs and concentrate on protein. Also, take them out for running. It will help your pet to stay fit.


You must avoid giving your dog high-fiber foods. This is because it has more proportion of carbohydrates. You will find different options on grain-free items, and your vet will suggest you some good diet. When you start with fewer fiber foods, your dog will lose weight. This type of food products is also a favorite amongst powerlifters.


You may not have time to spend a lot of time with your dog, but you can try making their food at home. This will help them lose weight, as you will be putting the right ingredient. Store-bought foods are often filled with carbohydrates and high fiber. So, when you make the dog food at home, you must avoid using fatty meats, like pork, lamb, or high-fat beef. If you still opt for those options, cook them, and remove the extra fat. You can always add a moderate amount of eggs, as this gives much protein. You can add veggies but avoid starchy vegetables.


Give your dog the right fats, like omega 3, also fish oil provides more health benefits to canines. Doctors say that if you add fish oil to your dog food, many diseases can be cured. However, when you add the oil, you must know that this is pure fat, and you must not provide more than 40 calories per teaspoon. You can also use olive or coconut oil.


If you want to make changes in the food portion of your dog, try not to make a drastic alteration. Start to cut off five percent of their daily foods. With that check the weight of your dog from time to time. If they do not lose weight, then reduce another five percent. This strategy will help your pet a lot, and they will lose weight.


Before you let your dog eat, you must measure the food first. This will give you a satisfaction that you are giving them the right proportion. Also, measure the treats you give them every day.

You must take the fitness program of your dog as a family project. Make sure to weigh your pet periodically, and choose the right type of edible dog chew for them.

Can You Give A Dog As A Wedding Gift?

One of the hardest things to decide is a gift that you will give to your friends or family. Some would just get anything available just to get over it. But you are a person who wants it to be special and memorable especially if it is not your typical party. What more if it is for a wedding? You will need to have something that will benefit not only one but both of them.

You may be thinking, you love dogs, and it would be great to share that love with them. But it is not easy though. Before you make that decision, you will have to ask and consider these questions:

Do Both Love Dogs?

As mentioned above, you will not only be given to one person. Keep in mind that it is for a couple, and you should know both of them. Maybe one of them is big a fan of dogs, but the other is not. Because of that, you should be considerate and thoughtful. It might be something that will strain them or get them closer, and it will be hard to gamble on that. If they get to decide that both of them would want to get one in the future, it will be on their hands.

Is It What the Couple Needs?

Every couple has their own needs. Let’s just say that they do both love dogs and planning to have one, this could be your sign to go ahead. But there are times that they have more important needs. Because of that, you might want to contribute with that instead. Another thing to keep in mind is if having one might also strain their other needs.

Are They Both Ready?

Having a pet is a big commitment and responsibility itself. Getting married is also a huge step and commitment. The question would be if they are both ready for this or would want to adjust to married life first? Remember that it will be their decision in the end, because it will be their responsibility. There would be a big possibility that they both want a dog but still need to settle other matters such as a job or a house. In these circumstances, they might be not ready to have an additional responsibility for a pet yet.

What is Your Reason?

You might have specific reasons why you would want to give a dog as a gift. It might be for them to have a good companion or for them to have an instant family. But as mentioned before, it will still depend upon the couple. So if you are planning this, you might want to consult them first and not rush into things. A gift should be something great for them, so make sure that what you will give is worth it for you and for them. If you really want to give them one, why not consider it for later? Even if months went by or for their anniversary, as long as they are now both ready to have that responsibility.