Ten Amazing Star Wars Wedding Cake Toppers

Completely obsessed, I’ve absolutely drooled over some of the amazing Star Wars wedding cake examples that I’ve found online. There’s nothing cooler than a giant Millennium Falcon cake or a ominous Death Star cake sat there at a reception with all of the guests gathered around. Despite how geeky these wedding cakes sound, there are some absolutely elegant and intricate cakes that combine femininity with geeky. Check out our post: 15 Unique Star Wars Wedding Cake Ideas

Fortunately you don’t need an intricate (and expensive!) wedding cake.  Instead, you can simply top your cake with a Star Wars wedding cake topper! Below we’ve got ten amazing cake toppers that can be put on top of a very ordinary white cake for some geeky pizzazz, or you can use it to really add that ‘wow’ factor to your already extraordinary Tatooine wedding cake featuring every one of the Star Wars characters on it!

Ten Amazing Star Wars Wedding Cake Toppers

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Where to get your very own Star Wars wedding cake topper?

Many of these unique wedding cake toppers are bespoke items commissioned from the bride and groom. Fortunately there are still many that you can get on Amazon (click to view), Etsy (click to view), and eBay (click to view).

If you’re crafty, you can make your own wedding cake topper. There are loads of tutorials here and around the web! The bespoke wedding cake toppers above are made by modeling clay. Either pop over to the nearest craft store and get some, or check out this simple Wiki-How (click here) tutorial on making your own modeling clay with ingredients you’ll easily have around your house!


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