10 Romantic Things to do on Your Honeymoon

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Congratulations you’re now at the fun bit of the wedding planning! This is the part where you guys get to ignore wedding planning and look at something for just the two of you. Enjoy not worrying about what your crazy aunt is going to think of those flower choices, or if your mother-in-law is going to make a snarky comment on your handmade favors; with honeymoon planning you get to focus on just you and your partner enjoying an amazing and well deserved holiday once the wedding is finally over!

Let’s face it though, you’re marrying ‘the one’; that special man or woman who you plan to spend eternity with. This means that you have a lifetime of holidays to enjoy together, so it’s important that you really consider what you are going to do on your honeymoon. Some couples end up setting traditions for their anniversaries based on what they did on their honeymoon, while others go for exotic locations and attempt to knock a few items off their bucket list. If you’re stuck for ideas, or are just looking to jazz up your upcoming honeymoon, then check out these ten ideas for romantic things to do on your honeymoon:

10 Romantic Things to do on Your Honeymoon

1. Have a private candlelit dinner in a secluded place:


My absolute favorite idea is to plan a romantic candlelit dinner with your new spouse. This by all means doesn’t have to be at some fancy restaurant where a single glass of wine costs an arm and a leg. You can plan a romantic candlelit dinner in a variety of ways and at a number of venues.

Make it a picnic by by grabbing the candles, food and all of the accoutrements (cutlery, napkins, glasses, and don’t forget the bubbly) and heading out to a nearby romantic location. Avoid anywhere by standing water as your candles will act like giant neon sign in the dark for all of those nasty biting bugs.

If you’re at a more exotic location, or somewhere that makes it difficult for a picnic, speak with the concierge or the hotel manager and see if they can arrange a surprise meal at a private venue (this could even be in your actual hotel room). How romantic, and convenient, would it be to come in to your hotel after a day of activities and see candles lit and a meal waiting right in your room?

2. Spend time in a private pool or hot tub:

Whether you’re heading to a luxury Tahitian resort or planning a city escape, try to ensure that wherever you are going you have access to a private pool or hot tub. This may sound a bit over the top, but being able to spend time with your new spouse without having to worry about children or other vacationers ruining your romantic moments will be absolutely worth it.

Many hotels, cabins and resorts offer private pools and hot tubs when you select a more expensive option.

3. Get a couples massage:


With all of the stress that planning a wedding brings, getting a massage is an excellent idea. It’s also going to help relieve a lot of the aches and pains that you undoubtedly acquired on your travel to your honeymoon destination (let’s face it, planes and long car journeys are never comfortable). Luckily many resorts and hotels have their own spa so make use of it!

Book in a couples massage and enjoy an incredibly relaxing and indulgent time being pampered together. You’ll feel amazing afterwards and experiencing it together with your partner will make it even more special.

For those on a budget, why not buy some warming body oils and give each other a massage? Make the moment more romantic and sensual by lighting candles, putting on music, and being completely naked!

4. Take a class together

cooking classes for couples
Wherever you may be going on your honeymoon you’re bound to find some classes nearby that you can explore. Whether it’s cooking classes, dance classes, or even skiing lessons, the experience will be something that will last with you for a lifetime and will enrich both you and your spouse. Do a thorough search of wherever you are going for your honeymoon to see what options there are. Make it more romantic by booking the classes in secret and surprising your spouse with them later!

5. Dance to a romantic song:

couple dancing in the kitchen
Okay this may sound incredibly cheesy, but it’s something that is very romantic and doesn’t take up a lot of time. Simply pull up YouTube or have the song downloaded on your phone and put it on at the right moment when you guys are alone and it’s quiet. Repeating your first dance song would be incredibly romantic however there are a plethora of songs I’m sure you had as an option for your first dance so perhaps choose one of those.

An different spin on this would be to go somewhere that plays music and request a special song for your spouse then dance to it!

6. Twilight Walks Along the Shore:

couple walking on the beach
Stereotypes exist for a reason and we simply had to include this on the list. Walking down a warm, sandy shore is among the most intimate things a recently wedded couple can do. Whether you’re sipping on some cocktails from the local bar or simply walking in silence enjoying the scenery, it’s an absolute must for your to-do list on your honeymoon!

7. Have a ‘do nothing’ day:

relaxing honeymoon ideas

Whenever people are on vacations they tend to try and pack in as many activities as they can into a short space of time. While it’s good to go sight seeing and enjoy all of the amenities at your disposal, you really should plan at least one day where you and your spouse do absolutely nothing. Pay a bit extra to have meals brought to your room, rent romantic or sexy movies to watch and enjoy the company of your new spouse all day!

8. Play some naughty games

naughty games for couples

Grab a bottle of wine and head to the bedroom for game night with your spouse! Never played a naughty game with your partner before? There are so many different games but a few favorites are listed below:

  • Sexy scrabble – several variations of this for you wordsmiths out there however a personal favorite is Dirty Scrabble – a game where you can only make dirty words out of the letters!
  • Copycat – put on a movie where you know that there is going to be some naughty scenes. Now you and your partner have to copy what is going on in the movie. Best part is that having to wait throughout the movie really builds the suspense!
  • Strip – take any game and alter it slightly so that a piece of clothing comes off at predetermined points. For example each time you sink a ship in Battleship or at every set number of points in Scrabble!

9. Wine Tasting:

wine tasting for couples
Heading someplace with wineries? Then make sure to take a trip! Wine tasting is incredibly romantic as you often get to explore the vineyard beforehand. The beautiful scenery will add an amazing background for your photos and will also really set a romantic tone. Not only will you be able to enjoy some of the wonderful local culture, but you can also pick up a stunning wine at a great price to enjoy with your spouse later!

10. Dress up and see a show:


On at least one night of your honeymoon plan to dress up in your niceties and go see a show of some sorts. Whether you go see a musician, play, or even just a local improv group, you’ll have plenty to talk about afterwards. Plus dressing up will make you feel incredibly confident and sexy leading to an exciting rest of the night!



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