Are There Other Drinks Your Dog Can Have Besides Water?

As a dog owner, you will have your responsibilities with them. You will have to keep your dog happy. They are loyal and keep you happy, so it is just natural to present it back to them. That means you have to give the best for them. They should always have their regular checkups with the vet and keep their vaccines updated so that they will remain healthy. Just like humans, they will also need some exercise to stay fit, so they will need to do that. It will also be beneficial for you because you also get it done for yourself. 

Then, of course, the food. Make sure that you know the nutrients that they need so that the food you will buy is right. Hydration is also important, so they need to always have access to water.

Humans have a lot of choices when it comes to drinks. The question would be if dogs have them too. Well, it is possible but limited and in a few doses. Here are the alternatives that you can give.

1. Juice

It is quite allowed but in small doses and limitations. For one, they are not allowed to have those that are powdered or instant. It should be fresh ones. The reason for this is because those sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners and colorings are dangerous for your dog’s health. It may lower their sugar and have some disease on the liver. Because of that, it is advisable for them to not drink juice. They could drink some fresh juice though or even eat some slices though be mindful of fruits not allowed like grapes. But it should only be served in small doses and as a treat rather than an everyday occurrence. 

2. Milk

Some would think that it would be allowed because they are mammals, and they needed milk when they are still puppies. But it is different for adults. The reason is that dogs are lactose intolerant which means they cannot take or consume the milk. It will just make them sick. So, milk is only allowed to puppies up to six weeks, and the rest is no. Some actually give in small doses but have to watch out when symptoms come.

3. Soup

Soup has many varieties. The soup that is allowed for dogs are the broths like beef or chicken and are pure without any other mix in. It is actually good for them because it nourishes them. You can actually mix it at times with their water to add some nutrients. 

4. Formula

This is only given to puppies who are still nursing and have no mother available. It comes in different forms, like powdered or canned, and one has to know the needs of the puppy and should have a thorough research about it.

So, the bottom line, here is really no alternatives who it comes to a dog’s drink. Only water will truly keep them hydrated. Other drinks such as coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc. are bad for them. It is not really bad, because it means you do not have to spend more. But you will have to be always be prepared when it comes to your dog’s health.