Unique Wedding Beverage Station Ideas

Unique Wedding Beverage Station Ideas

While most brides and grooms hire a company for the extensive chairs, linens, and tables that will be needed for the wedding reception, many forget certain essentials such as a desert table, a food table (should there be a buffet style meal), and also a beverage station.

If you are planning on having a more “serve your own” beverage station as opposed to an actual staffed wedding bar, then you will definitely love these unique wedding beverage station ideas below! From rustic themed, to simple and sweet, these are fantastic for a wedding during any season and are great for brides on a budget as well!

Wedding Beverage Station Ideas

wedding drink station ideas

Using a boat to hold hundreds of bottles for your guests as well as ice is an absolutely amazing beverage station idea and works with a multitude of themes. This would be perfect if you want to incorporate a ‘fishing’ element for your future husband, or if you are having a barn themed wedding or rustic wedding!


wedding beverage station ideas

Hands down, this vintage truck being used as a wedding beverage station is one of the coolest ideas we have seen yet. It is perfect for a vintage wedding or retro wedding, and looks absolutely fabulous for any outdoor themed receptions!


wedding drink stations

Barrels have long been used in a multitude of rustic or outdoor weddings because they are incredibly cost effective and have so many uses! Here you can see how just a few barrels are combined to make a simple drink station, but don’t limit your imagination to just this idea! Check out some other rustic wedding ideas using barrels here!


unique wedding beverage stations

In the mood for something a bit more color coordinated or cute? Try buying a cheap desk with matching shelving unit from any local store or online! These can be used by omitting some drawers, or even using the drawers as pull out holders for drink stirrers and straws! The great thing about these cheap desks is you can paint these to match your theme, leave them a beautiful white, or simply cover them with some stencils and you’ve got a simple and elegant drink station for your wedding!


wedding decoration ideas wagon

Having a western or rustic themed wedding? Then you can easily incorporate a wagon into your theme by converting it into a massive drink station! Put hundreds of bottled beverages in an ice filled wagon to satisfy all your guests throughout the night!


wedding drink station with crates

Much like using barrels as wedding station ideas, you can also consider using crates as well! These crates are cheap and can often be found for free if you know where to look! Simply stack them up to the appropriate height and lay a large piece of wood on top for a steady and unique wedding beverage station!


unique wedding decor ladders

Last, but not least, we found a great way to convert your everyday ladder into a great wedding drink station! While one ladder may be enough to hold beverages for a smaller wedding reception, if you want to incorporate more guests you can always put two of these close by and use some fantastic wedding decorations (like bunting) to join the two together!


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  1. Teresa Batts says:

    I really like the idea of using wagons and boats as a wedding drink station, but do you line them with like a tarp or something to protect them from the ice melting or what?

    I recently went to a friends wedding who, instead of having a beverage station and snack area, just used those large drink dispensers that were on a stand as the centerpieces for her tables with a dessert tray underneath with an assortment of cookies and brownies! We all went up for a piece of the wedding cake, mind you, but it was nice that we didn’t have to keep getting up after food and before cake time for a sweet treat!

  2. Kerrie says:

    I need more beverage station ideas for an indoor building! I really like most of these ideas but I can’t have an outside wedding cause it’s going to be this February (snow, rain, cold, all that fun stuff). Can you help with any other suggestions aside from these? My theme is tiffany blue and burlap! xx

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