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After focusing so much on my educational prowess in my early years, I eventually came to the United States in 1995 from Taiwan. My goal was to get my graduate degrees and begin my career. After successfully completing school and getting my PhD in policy research and intervention, I began working in my field, but I never felt like things were quite right. I had always been a creative person – loving vintage styles and bright colors – but I never had the opportunity to explore this passion until I came to the States. There were so many craft fairs and opportunities for me that, around six years later, I actually began to create jewelry and accessories. Sora Designs was eventually opened up and, thanks to Etsy, I’ve been able to make countless customers happy with my beautiful creations. Each piece I sell is hand created and inspired by my adoration for vintage styles and glamorous pieces. Additionally I also create handmade pieces and I always enjoy a challenge! So whether you just want to browse my ready made jewelry and accessories, or you want to message me about a bespoke item you wish to be created for a special person or event, just message me or view my Etsy shop at:

Bridal Accessories
Many brides have chosen to wear my jewelry sets on the biggest day of their lives and it has truly made me feel so fulfilled to see the photos. I love to create bridal jewelry, especially ones with a bit of a vintage flare. I aim to create stunning pieces that are unique and elegant and I can not only create an entire bridal jewelry set, but I can do custom pieces for the mother of the bride/groom as well as the bridesmaid jewelry sets.
Looking to get a glamorous necklace for your upcoming wedding? Or simply want to get a gift for someone special? Whatever the occasion I’ve created stunning long and short necklaces in a myriad of designs. With personalized monogramming and messages available for many of my metal necklaces, brides often are able to get their entire bridal jewelry set and bridesmaid gifts at my shop!
At Sora Designs there are two different styles of earrings: vintage glam earrings and simplicity earrings. My vintage earrings utilize more bold colors and flower designs while my simplicity earrings are all about dainty metal hoops, simple pearls, and delicate designs.
From vintage styled rings with thick bands and bold designs, to lovely flower rings and everything in between, either I’ve designed it or I can create it. My colorful gardenia rings and personalized initial rings are some of my best sellers!
Other Accessories
A stunning chain bracelet, or hair pin will compliment any look fabulously. I love creating delicate bracelets as well as bold bangles so make sure to check them out and pair up your favorite necklace of mine with a bracelet to accent it!
Custom/Bespoke Accessories
My passion is the design and creation of jewelry, so I absolutely love it when I get custom orders. Feel free to challenge me with any design you want and I will do my best to bring your vision to life!

I bought a set of 3 for 3 girls who were apart of my wedding. My best friends were the makeup and hair stylists and my other friend was the wedding decorator for the day of. Lady in charge so these were perfect!! Very vintage, simple, and look as pictured! I am thinking about getting one for myself I loved them so much! Thank you for helping my day be perfect!Marissa Utley
Such a beautiful piece of jewelry! the 2 necklaces lay together so nicely. will look great with my (hand knitted) lace wedding dress!Jarusha Stahl
I love it! It turned out perfectly and is going to be the perfect gift for a good friend. I chose Prague and it looks great. Shipped fast and is in a cute box. Couldn’t be happier.Bailey Haws
I love this necklace! Not only did it show up quickly (which is quite a feat since I live in Alaska) it is absolutely stunning! The crystals on the brooch compliment the flowers perfectly, and the pears are so luscious! I can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day!Slclemenson
Awesome necklace! Gave it to my friend for graduation and she loved it!Stacey Whitacre

If you’re looking to contact me here at Sora Designs, or you simply want to look at buying some of my fantastic pieces of jewelry, you have multiple ways to do so! I can be reached at either through the Sora Designs Facebook page where you can view my designs and request a custom order, or you can head on over to Etsy and contact me there or purchase my products!

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