Wedding Dress Shopping Tips – Choosing Your Entourage

If you have ever seen “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC, then you have been justly outraged at those horrific women whom the bride unfortunately brings with her in her dress shopping entourage. These women are completely obsessed with “their” view of the wedding dress and their constant negativity and disregard for the bride’s vision often leads to hurt feelings, tears, and an overall disastrous dress appointment.

But that could never be your wedding dress appointment could it? Well, don’t be too sure! Check out these top five wedding dress shopping tips on how to choose the perfect entourage!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

How to Choose Your Entourage

Tip #1 – Less is more

One of the best wedding dress shopping tips we can give is to steer brides clear of shopping with a large entourage. The problem with inviting every female in the family plus all of your childhood friends is that the appointment becomes less about what the bride actually wants, as opposed to what the entire group hates the least. Wedding experts say that having two or three women max with you while shopping is the ideal number and will keep thing simple and as stress free as possible.

Tip #2 – Avoid difficult women

You know the type, those women who are constantly surrounded by drama. While they may be a long term friend, sister, or upcoming mother-in-law, having difficult women included in your wedding dress entourage is definitely a bad idea. If you can’t stand being around the woman for too long, don’t feel pressured into inviting her because the experience should be about ‘you’, not everyone else!

Tip #3 – Have “the talk”

The whole idea of bringing friends and family with you to select a wedding dress is to ensure that you have those second opinions to help solidify your decision on the right dress. Unfortunately some women are simply too opinionated which can be a serious problem if she and the bride don’t see eye to eye. As the third item on our list of wedding dress shopping tips we advise you to have a chat with the women prior to going to the shop. Advise them that they are there for their opinion, but to not rain on your parade. You want them to be polite but honest, and if they get too carried away you will not accept it. If you have the chat and one of the women seems incapable of even handling that conversation, you may want to rethink having her in your entourage and schedule the dress fitting for a day she’s at work!

Tip #4 – Go for honesty

While you don’t want over opinionated women who will fight tooth and nail to get their point across, choosing women who are not capable of telling you the truth is ill-advised as well. You need to know what looks flattering on you, because many dresses fit only a certain body type. If a female in your entourage can’t tell you that something makes your hips bulge, or that the girls are being exposed too much, then you might as well not bring them at all!

Tip #5 – The in-laws

A huge issue for brides-to-be is the idea that they feel pressured into bringing the groom’s sisters and mother in on a lot of decisions. Unfortunately for brides-to-be who have not formed strong bonds with the future in-laws, this can create a disastrous situation that only forms a negative relationship and causes problems for years to come. If you need to get to know the in-laws, go out to lunch, have them for cake tastings, and invite them to come pick up decorations! Get to know them a bit before deciding to invite them into your dress fitting entourage because it can save you a lot of tears and frustration when you do!

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