Wedding Dress Shopping Tips – Common Mistakes

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Dress shopping is a major part of planning a wedding, but it is also one of the biggest problems upcoming brides face. Choosing the right dress is a huge hassle in itself, yet adding in many of the mistakes that most brides make can turn any dress shopping day into a complete disaster.

From inviting too many women to go dress shopping with, to having a narrow mind and not trying on other styles, many brides consistently make the same massive mistakes and bridal shops see them time and time again. If you are preparing to go dress shopping, then continue reading below to learn the top five wedding dress shopping mistakes brides make and avoid following in their steps!

wedding dress shopping tips

Five Common Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes

1. Too many people

Bringing too many people is possibly the top dress shopping mistake most brides make. Feeling obligated to please everyone can be nice, but when it comes to your dress, having all of those extra opinions can turn what’s supposed to be a fabulous day, into a nightmare.

Your aunties, cousins, best friends, sisters, future in-laws, and neighbors do NOT all have to be in attendance when you are dress shopping! Unfortunately many upcoming brides feel anxiety and pressure into bringing them because to exclude certain people may cause hurt feelings.

The absolute best way to avoid hurt feelings is to be completely honest with someone if they voice their opinion about not coming to dress shopping. Tell them you don’t want too many people there, and, while you value their opinion, you have something in mind already and simply want to surprise everyone with it when you show it off after you get it from the shop.

2. People who are incapable of being honest with you

When choosing who is going to be in your dress shopping group, make sure you choose those who are capable of being honest with you and who aren’t going to tell you what you “want to hear”. Knowing the honest opinion of certain people whom have decent senses of style can truly help you pick the right dress for your venue and your body shape which is why it is absolutely crucial to choose the right people in your party.

3. Unable to be open to other dresses

Most brides to be will pick out dresses well before shopping and have a set image of what they want. Unfortunately, most of the dresses that people choose themselves are not the right styles for their venues and body types. Picking out dresses is an art form, which is why there are professionals there to help guide upcoming brides to the right one. Not being open to certain styles can leave a bride dissatisfied and missing out on some phenomenal dresses that look completely different on them than they do on the rack!

4. Too many dress stores

Limit yourself to around two or three dress stores that sell dresses within your price range and avoid going to more than a handful. The reason behind this is that an upcoming bride will likely find a favorite dress for each shop and then they can narrow it down to “the” dress from their select few choices. When a bride has thirteen different “favorites” from a multitude of dress stores, deciding on the right one then becomes a huge task.

5. Bringing the guy

When it comes to dress shopping mistakes, one that so many upcoming brides make is that they bring the guy along. A guy is rarely able to envision what a dress looks like off of the rack (heck, most women are incapable of that as well), which means they focus on certain parts of the dress that really makes it difficult. When a bride finds “the” dress for her, the guy may find out that he doesn’t like it as much as her, or is set on a different one that he truly likes more. This conflict can easily cause stress between the couple and cause issues for the big day.

Another reason why you should avoid bringing the guy along dress shopping is because he won’t be able to see the bride in the dress for the first time on the day of. While there is a lot of tradition about how this is unlucky, we see this as more impractical. You see, on the big day when you see your husband to be in your dress, your face will be lit up, your hair will be done, and your makeup will be flawless so you will be expecting that big “wow” look on his face. Taking away the surprise of the dress means that you take away of one of the biggest factors contributing to that look and can leave any bride more than a little upset.

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