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Buying a wedding dress is a huge deal for any bride because it is focal point of the wedding. Not only will the bride be the center of attention for many of the photos, but the dress she is wearing will be judged by all attending and should truly reflect the bride’s personality. Unfortunately wedding dresses often go into the thousands of dollars, which can be a huge wedding budget breaker for any frugal bride. This is why many brides turn towards finding cheaper ways of getting their perfect gown – and one of the most controversial is buying online.

So how do you ensure that you get your perfect wedding dress at an affordable price by buying it online? Check out these five wedding dress shopping tips below!

Five Online Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Buying a wedding dress online can mean getting a designer dress at a fraction of the price. Countless brides have turned to buying a wedding dress online and have looked fabulous in their dress with guests none the wiser. Unfortunately there are also horror stories galore on the web about buying dresses online. So what’s an upcoming bride to do? Well, if you are even remotely considering the idea of online wedding dress shopping, then check out these essential tips!

wedding dress shopping tips

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips #1 – Try before you buy

Get the best of both worlds by going and trying on wedding dresses in stores and picking out the one you want. Instead of being lured in by fancy sales, big “bargains”, and the fact that there is only “one dress left!”, let your shopping assistant know that you plan on simply trying a dress that day instead of buying. This way, when you find “the” dress, you can write down the dress style, size, and designer. From there you can search for the dress online at a significantly reduced price!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips #2 – Research the seller

Another one of the great online wedding dress shopping tips is to research the seller. Many people find eBay sellers and sellers from other eCommerce sites and immediately go to buy the dress. Unfortunately reading reviews is essential to determining the credibility of the seller and the overall quality of the dress. Trust other reviews from customers and don’t take chances with a controversial seller!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips #3 – Return policy

A reliable wedding dress seller will stand by their dresses a hundred percent. While they may charge a cleaning fee or a return shipping fee, you should always buy from a seller that offers a return policy. Make sure the policy allows for a reasonable return time as well, not some three day response as your return window may close entirely too fast!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips #4 – Shoes matter

Before doing anything, you should consider the heel height of your wedding day shoes. The length and style of the dress will look completely different when wearing heels and while you are trying on dresses or fitting the dress you just bought, having the shoes on is essential for the perfect fit.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips #5 – Measurements

Either have a friend help measure you, or go get measured by a professional because these are essential for an accurate fit of your dress. The online dress makers need exact measurements and when you simply guess, or try to go for sizes smaller, this leads to a lot of ill-fitting dresses and a lot of dissatisfied recipients of online wedding dresses.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Never thought of trying a wedding dress on in stores before buying it online. This would definitely give me the best of both worlds and I’d be able to get the dress I want for so much less! These wedding dress shopping tips definitely helped me!


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