Wedding Gifts For Future In Laws – Ideas & Etiquette

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Wedding Gifts For Future In-laws

Ideas and Etiquette

For the wedding, it is customary for the groom and bride to get their future mother in law each a personal gift. This tradition started because the parents used to play such a large financial role in the wedding. The bride’s parents would pay for the wedding while the groom’s parents would often pay for the rehearsal dinner and sometimes the honeymoon.

So if a couple is paying for the wedding themselves, is it still customary to buy wedding gifts for future in laws? Absolutely!

You see, these wedding gifts are something sentimental that are meant to be a sign of good faith and intentions when given to the in laws. This is because, without those in laws, you would have never met your partner and gotten married in the first place. They are accepting you into their family and they provided you with your partner, so a simple thanks in a sentimental way (such as a frame or a piece of jewelry) is the least any bride or groom can do for their future in laws.

What if I don’t like my in laws?

If your in laws are coming to the wedding because of your partner, but you’re not very fond of them, that doesn’t exclude you from getting them a gift to show your thanks. The whole idea of being married is to share your life with your partner – to make what is important to them, important to you as well.

Even if you never like your in laws, it is absolutely essential that you attempt to make sure there is at least a civil relationship so that your partner does not feel torn all of the time between you and their parents. The gesture of a gift to your despised in laws may help bridge that gap and show them that even if you and them never quite get on, you can keep things civil for your partner’s sake.

Gifts For The Mother of The Bride & Mother of The Groom

Women tend to be far more sentimental and more judgmental, making it important to get your new mother in law a nice gift that adequately expresses your thanks and feelings towards her. More often than not the mother of the bride and groom get pieces of jewelry. These can be engraved with a sentimental message or monogram, or they can simply come in a beautiful box with a heartfelt saying in them. Or, if you want to get her something unique, you can go for a handkerchief, key chain, or even a beautiful and touching photo frame.

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Gifts For The Father of The Bride & Father of The Groom

Finding a beautiful and sentimental gift for the father of the bride and groom can be somewhat difficult, especially since men are notoriously hard to buy for and tend to find practical gifts more appealing. Many couples tend to go for a beautiful photo frame with a sentimental saying on it as a thank you, however this is generally just for the father of the bride. If you’re looking to get the groom’s father a gift, consider looking at what he enjoys. Hunting? Then perhaps an engraved knife. Enjoy whisky? Perhaps a custom flask set? Check out the examples below for some inspiration!

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