Wedding Monogram Rules and Etiquette

Wedding Monogram Rules and Etiquette

One of the most thoughtful gifts that can be purchased for the soon to be newlywed couple is something meaningful that has been monogrammed. Having the initials of the couple arranged in a beautiful way on some gift will mean so much and is a visible symbol of their union. Unfortunately when it comes to monogramming etiquette and rules, many people are actually not as familiar with them and can end up using the wrong initials in the wrong places.

Initial Arrangements For Monograms


If the monogrammed gift is a joint one for the couple, then it should follow the traditional setup for the initials. That is the bride’s initial for her first name will go first, followed by her new surname initial, and then followed by the initial for the groom’s first name.

So, if you’ve got a couple named Carrie Adams and Jason White, your monogram setup will be as follows:


Generally the initial for the last name goes in the center and is given emphasis for married couples, as it will also be for other types of monograms you’ll see below.


Monogrammed items for women make for beautiful heirlooms and sentimental pieces, but you need to consider carefully the order and placement of the initials. Unlike for a couple, there are actually two different arrangements for a woman’s monogrammed initials as well as for a mans.

Say we have the same couple getting married – Carrie Adams and Jason White. Carrie’s full name is Carrie Jayne Adams, so if you were looking to get the proper monogram for her then your options would be as follows:

CWJ – with emphasis on the W if she takes on her spouse’s last name

CWA – with emphasis on the W for White as that is her new last name but also the inclusion of A for her maiden name so she knows where she came from and who she was before she joined her life with her husband.


Monogramming for a male is quite simple, especially because it is very infrequent that a male will take on the spouses last name. If that is the case, then the monogramming rules for a male with a new last name will follow those traditional ones for a woman listed above.

In most cases, however, a male’s monograms will be seen in two different ways. Our male name example will be Jason Lee White.

JLW – with all caps and no emphasis on any one initial.

JW– with emphasis on the middle W for the last name.

Monogrammed Gifts

You can get a variety of things monogrammed – from various linens, flasks, dishes, belts, purses, and even clothing. Check out some photos and ideas below for some inspiration so you can get the individual or couple a fabulous gift that is both thoughtful and something they will cherish for years to come.

Monogrammed Signs

Monogrammed signs are incredibly popular not only as decorations for the wedding ceremony, but also as décor in the couple’s house! You can get your monogrammed sign done in a variety of materials; however the most popular and the highest quality signs are done in either metal or wood.

Click to enlarge the photos, or view more information about them!

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Monogrammed Luggage

For a couple going on their honeymoon right after the wedding, monogrammed luggage can not only be a fabulous gift, but a godsend. High quality luggage is such a necessary thing but can be a huge cost that newlywed couples simply cannot afford!

Monogrammed Jewelry

Both for men and women, monogrammed jewelry is always a great gift. While the styles will vary depending on the gender, you can find a lot of vendors available to not only create monogrammed jewelry, but also to engrave these monograms into various pendants, lockets, and more!

Monogrammed Plateware

A new plate set is something that is always on a couple’s wedding registry, so why not get them something extra special and have it monogrammed? Whether you have just key plates monogrammed, or get an entire set, it will surely be a treasured gift for any newlywed couple!

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