Worst Wedding Songs – Top Five Cheesiest

A wedding reception should be an exciting and entertaining event, not one where continuous line dance songs are played that guilt guests into joining in just to avoid any awkwardly empty dance floors. Here we have a list of the top five worst wedding songs that made it because they were simply too obnoxious and cheesy! Make sure to give these “worst wedding songs – top five cheesiest” to your DJ so he can steer clear of them!

Worst Wedding Songs – Top 5

  1. Electric slide – Definitely not fun and not nearly as easy as it sounds when you have had a drink r or two already! The frequency in which this song is played and the obnoxiousness of it definitely puts it at the top of our worst wedding songs list.
  2. Cupid Shuffle – This is another line dance that made it to our worst wedding songs list because it is not for the uncoordinated, quite cheesy, and so overplayed it is ridiculous. Go for normal wedding songs and steer clear of the cupid shuffle!
  3. YMCA – Unless you plan on having a goggle of drunks at your wedding reception, then the YMCA is not going to be a big hit. This is a really over played song that really belongs in middle school dances as opposed to a wedding reception.

  4. Chicken Dance – The chicken dance is a horrific, high pitched and obnoxious song that does not belong even in the same sentence as the word wedding. Despite being the fourth on our worst wedding songs, this song should be avoided at all costs.
  5. Macarena – Another song that is great for kids but is definitely one of the top five worst wedding songs. This song is good for clearing the dance floor off, as opposed to getting people up and moving!

worst wedding songs

Worst Wedding Songs Conclusion

While we listed some of the top five worst wedding songs in our opinion, that doesn’t mean that playing one will be an absolute bomb at your wedding. These songs simply do not scream elegance, sophistication, or even modern. Instead they give off a more kid friendly vibe that really does not suit most weddings. Overall, however, the decision rests solely on your shoulders to pick your wedding songs. You know your friends and family best, so you can decide which song will be a laugh as opposed to being just plain obnoxious.

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  1. Ashley says:

    These are, by far, some of the worst wedding songs ever!! Definitely not appropriate for an elegant affair – would never have this at my wedding!

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