silicone scalp massager

One of the best parts of going to the hair salon is getting a scalp massage. Since gelmoment is all about bringing the spa experience to YOU, our DIY silicone scalp massager can help achieve that salon-fresh feeling as often as you like, from the comfort of your own home.

Not only is this an incredibly soothing addition to your haircare routine, but the benefits of using this accessory regularly are tremendous. By stimulating circulation, it helps optimize the scalp’s ability to absorb nutrients, which minimizes dandruff and directly promotes hair growth and strength.


o Stimulates circulation.

o Exfoliates the scalp.

o Promotes hair growth and strength.

o Reduces itchiness of the scalp and product buildup.

o Deeply cleanses the hair and scalp.

o Helps minimizes dandruff.

o Helps spread hair products when used on wet hair.

o Easy grip handle that fits comfortably between fingers.

o 100% silicone.

o 14 large bristles.

o Suitable for all hair types


Wash with water and soap after each use.

Diameter: 3 3/16”

  • $8.00

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